Posted: December 5, 2019 | Updated: January 8, 2021

PCNY Preservation Records (Gen 3)

Hi! This page contains a record of preserved Generation 3 PCNYb, PCNYc and PCNYd event Pokémon that were available from the New York PokeCenter between October 2003 and January 2005. It tracks authenticity, ownership, and where possible, origins.

So why is this page even necessary? Well, for a few reasons. Most immediately, this documentary record can help you establish whether any particular PCNY Pokémon is authentic. This page strives to be exhaustive, meaning that if a Pokémon has proven to be incontrovertibly real, distributed by the Center itself and preserved from back in the day, and not a hack or replica, it will make its way onto here.

Second, this list aims to future-proof the historical record. Let me explain. In late 2019, an original hardware package used to distribute Generation III PCNY was rediscovered. Six memory cards containing machine info and distribution data, a cart writer, and a software disc labelled “Pokémon Distributing Machine 2.0!” were retrieved by Retr0Ali and Hard4Games, and presented to Project Pokémon for research. Already, their work has much enhanced our understanding of the how, when, and what of these events. (Who knew “Spring Fling” had a 25% chance of Salamence?!)

Project Pokémon are said to be reverse-engineering Intelligent Systems’ technology. Should this effort succeed, it may become possible to run PCNY distributions on plain GBA hardware and/or emulation platforms such as Dolphin/VBA. From a preservation standpoint, dumping and adapting the source code makes a great deal of sense, as it ensures the technology’s survival past the lifetime of the proprietary cart writer. (We have just one – should it break, it’s game over.)

But here’s the rub. Pokemon fans understandably clamour for the public release of any such modified distribution ROM. Custom PCNY distributions belong to the realm of possibility. This is an incredibly cool prospect, but… If replicas will be indistinguishable from authentic PCNY on a technical level, how will we know what is original, and what is reproduction? Pollution of the historical record is a classic conservation problem. Enter this timely list.1

Finally, it is my hope that this page might double as an officious PCNY contributor “Hall of Fame”. Without the unsung heroes who generously donate(d) their PCNY Pokémon for research, traded them out and/or made them public out of the kindness of their hearts, there would be nothing to document or chronicle, no surviving specimens to research, collect, or preserve for posterity. Indeed, over the past 18 or so months, it’s become increasingly apparent how a very large number of surviving PCNY are retraceable to a select few original owners. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and we ought to celebrate the individuals integral to preserving such historical artefacts. This page is therefore now categorised as a museum might arrange its physical objects: by collection. Curated in this manner, the contributions of GoldUrsaring, Aurora, Inkydog26, and DanTrain stand out, with – excitingly! – at least one more uncatalogued collection looming large on the horizon. Of course, smaller contributors are not forgotten, and the page has a sizeable section in their honour (though many unfortunately remain anonymous).

How to read this document:
The majority of Pokémon listed were preserved directly in a Generation 3 RSE/FRLG/Pokémon Box game, that is, in their unaltered, original file format. This includes virtually all of the DanTrain and Inkydog26 collections, as well as a portion of GoldUrsaring’s. PCNY Pokémon that were migrated upwards for trade in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum or later games have been marked with as asterisk (*); in cases where Project Pokémon have successfully restored these (public) files to .pk3 format, a second asterisk (**) is appended. In rare instances where a Pokémon was initially held or preserved in Generation 3, but migrated to a newer game without prior backup, this is noted through (“Gen X”). Lastly, events whose restoration status is unclear carry a double dagger (‡).

Then there is the matter of public availability. GoldUrsaring, Inkydog26, Kris, and select smaller contributors graciously made large chunks of their collections – if not all of it – public over a decade ago. Such PCNY aggregated in public repositories, available for all to enjoy, are listed in all italics. (A list of repositories is given at the bottom of this page.) A portion of PCNY are held privately, and in some cases continue to change hands through virtual trades and e-sales on platforms such as Reddit. This document aspires to track mutations in current ownership, so that the rediscovered will not be lost again. For non-public (that is, non-italicised) PCNY, bracketed names indicate the Pokemon’s known, uncloned trading history, expressed as follows: [→TraderOne →TraderTwo]. Any subsequent dissemination and/or cloning is beyond the scope of this document.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck in.

A. GoldUrsaring Collection

Curation Note: GoldUrsaring was part of that trailblazing first wave of American event collectors that coalesced around the PokeCenter New York in the months after its November 2001 opening. His preserved Pokémon Crystal save, jammed full of Center specials, is the only one of its kind. Thankfully for us, GU transitioned into Generations 3 and beyond, writing several FAQs (such as this) about event Pokémon along the way. In the dark days following PC New York’s demise, the FAQ hosted on his personal website was the chief – and possibly sole – authoritative source on the Center’s special distributions. Given this long-term engagement with the franchise, it’s only natural that GU should have been among the first to circulate his PCNY Pokémon with the advent of Diamond & Pearl Global WiFi trading – all of which look to have survived. Over a decade later, GU passed several more straggler Monster Mosh PCNY to Project Pokémon for research, rounding out his documented collection. Generously, all of it is public.

Dragon Week / September 29 to October 3, 2003
00062 PCNYc Kingdra** (touched: OG Seadra)
00067 PCNYd Seadra
00069 PCNYd Seadra**
00068 PCNYd Flygon
00077 PCNYd Flygon**
00067 PCNYc Altaria
00071 PCNYd Altaria**
00061 PCNYc Salamence
00072 PCNYd Salamence**
00079 PCNYd Salamence**

Monster Mosh / October 25 to 31, 2003
00605 PCNYc Exploud lv50
00603 PCNYc Aggron lv50
00601 PCNYc Aggron** lv100
00610 PCNYc Wailord** lv50
00611 PCNYc Wailord lv50
00602 PCNYc Crawdaunt** lv50
00609 PCNYc Crawdaunt** lv50
00600 PCNYc Crawdaunt** lv100

Wish Eggs [FRLG] / December 16, 2004 to January 2, 2005
36204 OT/METS Farfetch’d

B. Kris’ Box Miniset

Curation Note: One Five can do it all. Like Inkydog26’s Pokémon, Kris’ PCNY have floated about the internet since at least 2009, when she shared their files in a topical Project Pokémon thread. Equally important have been her precise recollections of how and when these PCNY were obtained. Thanks to Kris’ memories of the specific weekdays that she and her family visited the PC New York all the way back in the Summer of 2004, we’ve been able to reconstruct a timeline of the Box Promo distribution that picks up where official sources fail. (For a sequencing analysis, see here.) And her observation that only GCEA stations C & D were working to distribute Pokémon, with machines A & B running a demo and a movie preview respectively, concisely explains why all of the Box Promo Pokémon, from every individual collector, are tagged PCNYc and PCNYd. Thank you, Kris!

Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire Promotion / July 10-16, 2004
00161 PCNYc Flygon
00167 PCNYc Spite Absol
00169 PCNYc Seviper
00002 PCNYd Seviper
00003 PCNYd Spite Absol

C. Alchem1stX Box Pair

Curation Note: I quote: “Had I know[n] PCNY Pokémon would be popular years later, I would have begged my fam[ily] to take me to the old Pokémon Center more often!” Redditor u/Alchem1stX first offered a PCNYc Seviper and Flygon for trade in a CasualPokémonTrades thread on January 25, 2015. Beyond that, we are in the dark about the person that is Alchem1stX, knowing only that he travelled into PC New York on a hot Summer Saturday in July 2004, and downloaded two Pokémon from the Box distribution stations mere hours after DanTrain stopped by, and hours before Inkydog26 swept through.

Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire Promotion / July 10-16, 2004
00281 PCNYc Flygon**
00282 PCNYc Seviper**

D. Arekusu18’s Wish Eggs

Curation Note: Arekusu18 almost certainly owned more than four Wishies. In fact, he’s the prime candidate for original ownership of several unattributed PCNY sequences. Trouble is: Arekusu18 traded exclusively on GameFAQs, and with the removal of the DPPt, HGSS and BW trading boards, detailed records of any PCNY Pokémon he might have introduced vanished, too.

Wish Eggs [FRLG] / December 16, 2004 to January 2, 2005
62296 OT/ASH Chansey (Timid)
62296 OT/ASH Exeggcute (Mild)
62296 OT/ASH Lickitung (Careful)
62296 OT/ASH Kangaskhan (Quirky)

E. Aurora’s Assembly

Curation Note: Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine a straight-from-the-source collection like this! The save file from which these Pokémon originate belonged to an erstwhile PCNY staffer whom we shall name Aurora, after the player character on their professional copy of Pokémon Ruby. During their stint at PC New York, Aurora was responsible for managing the Center’s entire first (US) floor, which included the GCEA stations. In this capacity they maintained a copy of Pokémon Ruby hand-filled to the brim with manually redeemed specimens of various distributions, to be traded out to curious visitors on machine downtime days, or whenever a visiting player professed an interest in a Pokémon from a bygone distro. That this was an ex-staffer giveaway file is reflected in the composition of its remnants. Less popular Pokémon like Cacturne and, surprisingly, Flygon remain in some numbers. Meanwhile, Pikachu is reduced to a solitary survivor, and there’s no sign of Staryu or Gloom at all – nor, in fact, of any of the 2004 distributions. A total of 64 Pokémon were recovered from Aurora’s save including, most agreeably, a healthy batch of PCNYb/c variant Dragons, which compete with their PCNYd brethen for a contested spot in the established distribution timeline.

Evolution Stone Promotion / August 30 to September 4, 2003
01035 PCNYb Pikachu (Gentle)

Dragon Week (Variant BC) / September 29 to October 3, 2003 (???)
00120 PCNYb Altaria (Gentle)
00122 PCNYb Altaria (Hasty)
00123 PCNYb Altaria (Mild)
00014 PCNYc Altaria (Brave)
00071 PCNYb Flygon (Naive)
00121 PCNYb Flygon (Bold)
00016 PCNYc Flygon (Quirky)
00017 PCNYc Flygon (Lonely)
00018 PCNYc Flygon (Modest)
00030 PCNYc Flygon (Lax)
00033 PCNYc Flygon (Naughty)
00034 PCNYc Flygon (Gentle)
00079 PCNYb Salamence (Calm)

Ghost Week / October 18 to 24, 2003
01121 PCNYb Shedinja (Quiet)
01132 PCNYb Shedinja (Mild)
01144 PCNYb Shedinja (Modest)
01147 PCNYb Shedinja (Bold)
00010 PCNYc Shedinja (Hardy)
00997 PCNYb Cacturne (Lonely)
00998 PCNYb Cacturne (Careful)
00999 PCNYb Cacturne (Serious)
01120 PCNYb Cacturne (Mild)
01129 PCNYb Cacturne (Rash)
01130 PCNYb Cacturne (Hardy)
01131 PCNYb Cacturne (Rash)
01135 PCNYb Cacturne (Quiet)
01141 PCNYb Cacturne (Lonely)
01145 PCNYb Cacturne (Lonely)
01151 PCNYb Cacturne (Bold)
00008 PCNYc Cacturne (Impish)
00996 PCNYb Duskull (Bashful)
01137 PCNYb Duskull (Quiet)
01139 PCNYb Duskull (Impish)
00006 PCNYc Duskull (Jolly)
00007 PCNYc Shuppet (Lonely)
01119 PCNYb Shuppet (Calm)
01122 PCNYb Shuppet (Docile)
01124 PCNYb Shuppet (Lax)
01125 PCNYb Shuppet (Quiet)
01126 PCNYb Shuppet (Lax)
01127 PCNYb Shuppet (Mild)
01133 PCNYb Shuppet (Impish)
01134 PCNYb Shuppet (Jolly)
01140 PCNYb Shuppet (Quiet)
01142 PCNYb Shuppet (Gentle)
00009 PCNYc Shuppet (Gentle)

Monster Mosh / October 25 to 31, 2003
00072 PCNYb Exploud lv50 (Mild)
00079 PCNYb Exploud lv100 (Bold)
00007 PCNYc Exploud lv50 (Mild)
00009 PCNYc Exploud lv50 (Hardy)
00010 PCNYc Exploud lv100 (Docile)
00019 PCNYc Exploud lv50 (Timid)
00034 PCNYc Exploud lv50 (Bashful)
00035 PCNYc Exploud lv50 (Brave)
00018 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Quirky)
00099 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Bashful)
00080 PCNYb Wailord lv50 (Bold)
00081 PCNYb Wailord lv50 (Mild)
00006 PCNYc Wailord lv100 (Mild)
00008 PCNYc Wailord lv50 (Mild) (touched: lv51)
00016 PCNYc Wailord lv100 (Jolly) (touched: moveset changed)
00020 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv50 (Quiet)
00036 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv50 (Timid)

F. Inkydog26 Collection

Curation Note: …Remember how I mentioned “this is a space to watch”? Well! In June 2020, Inkydog26’s respectable roster transformed to become Inky’s grand gatherum, expanding from 73 to 227 total documented PCNY Pokémon and dethroning DanTrain’s equally spectacular collection as the largest on record. How does a collection suddenly triple in size? It’s a tale of two saves, really.

I’ve covered elsewhere how the American release of that storage solution disguised as a video game, Pokémon Box, was a PC New York exclusive. Inky, too, lined up to buy his copy there in Summer ’04. Brought to its knees by murderous overhead, the PokeCenter was gone six months later, leaving Inky without a place to “come down and catch a few”. Feeling perhaps equal parts wistful and magnanimous, Inky uploaded his personal Pokémon Box save to GameFAQs in June 2005 – and crammed it full of 73 PCNY Pokémon such as Gardevoir, Seviper and Machamp. Though nobody could have guessed it at the time, these 73 Pokémon were but a fraction of a larger whole. Only with the surfacing of DanTrain’s collection in 2018, and particularly the 2019 retrieval of GCEA machine original memory cards, did the proper historical context for Inky’s Pokémon become apparent: they were all from Spring and Summer 2004 campaigns! Distributions that, data showed, also included Spring Fling Salamence, Box Flygon, and Nature Power Ludicolo, to name a few. Where had all these gone?!

One rendez-vous with Inky later, researchers were able to back up another gorgeous bright red & blue Box memory card containing the other portion of Inky’s persistent efforts to deplete the GCEA machines of their Pokémon. (Inky, by his own description, would step into the PC New York, get a bunch of Pokémon, and leave – he once spent 93 straight minutes downloading “Summer 4” ‘Mons, sequencing shows!) The resulting new tally of 227 Pokémon is extremely impressive, making for an amazingly well-rounded 2004 collection, with many now public for the first time! Thanks so much, Inky! I’ll highlight just two curiosities. Pokémon from mid-August’s “Ancients & Aliens” distribution are absent entirely. Did Inky take an untimely holiday? And… An intriguing Dragon Week Altaria was found not on a Box storage save, but separately and seemingly in active use on a copy of Emerald. Similarly, a lone Exploud hid on a deprecated Ruby save. These are Inky’s only ‘Mons from all of 2003. Did he trade for them? That seems likely. Which begs the question: with whom?

Dragon Week / September 29 to October 3, 2003
00212 PCNYc Altaria (touched: Lv.47)

Monster Mosh / October 25 to 31, 2003
00906 PCNYc Exploud Lv.100 (touched: Pokerus)

Spring Fling / April 19 to 25, 2004
00081 PCNYd Salamence
00082 PCNYd Salamence
00083 PCNYd Salamence
00110 PCNYd Salamence
00127 PCNYd Salamence
00134 PCNYd Salamence
00135 PCNYd Salamence
00157 PCNYd Salamence
00160 PCNYd Salamence
00168 PCNYd Salamence
00170 PCNYd Salamence
00080 PCNYd Gardevoir
00100 PCNYd Gardevoir
00103 PCNYd Gardevoir
00106 PCNYd Gardevoir
00109 PCNYd Gardevoir
00112 PCNYd Gardevoir
00114 PCNYd Gardevoir
00116 PCNYd Gardevoir
00117 PCNYd Gardevoir
00123 PCNYd Gardevoir
00125 PCNYd Gardevoir
00132 PCNYd Gardevoir
00133 PCNYd Gardevoir
00158 PCNYd Gardevoir
00159 PCNYd Gardevoir
00162 PCNYd Gardevoir
00163 PCNYd Gardevoir
00165 PCNYd Gardevoir
00166 PCNYd Gardevoir
00172 PCNYd Gardevoir
00173 PCNYd Gardevoir
00174 PCNYd Gardevoir
00176 PCNYd Gardevoir
00177 PCNYd Gardevoir
00181 PCNYd Gardevoir
00188 PCNYd Gardevoir
00189 PCNYd Gardevoir
00084 PCNYd Tropius
00101 PCNYd Tropius
00105 PCNYd Tropius
00108 PCNYd Tropius
00111 PCNYd Tropius
00113 PCNYd Tropius
00115 PCNYd Tropius
00136 PCNYd Tropius (touched: Lv.50)
00164 PCNYd Tropius
00167 PCNYd Tropius
00169 PCNYd Tropius
00171 PCNYd Tropius
00175 PCNYd Tropius
00178 PCNYd Tropius
00180 PCNYd Tropius
00186 PCNYd Tropius
00187 PCNYd Tropius
00190 PCNYd Tropius

Sheep & Wolf / May 15 to 22, 2004
00344 PCNYc Mareep
00359 PCNYc Mareep
00447 PCNYd Mareep
00125 PCNYc Houndour
00330 PCNYc Houndour
00357 PCNYc Houndour
00358 PCNYc Houndour
00495 PCNYd Houndour

Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire Promotion / July 10-16, 2004
00203 PCNYd Flygon
00273 PCNYd Flygon
00286 PCNYd Flygon
00289 PCNYd Flygon
00290 PCNYd Flygon
00293 PCNYd Flygon (touched: Lv.50)
00459 PCNYc Seviper
00199 PCNYd Seviper
00201 PCNYd Seviper
00271 PCNYd Seviper
00275 PCNYd Seviper
00292 PCNYd Seviper
00461 PCNYc Wish Absol
00200 PCNYd Wish Absol
00272 PCNYd Wish Absol
00274 PCNYd Wish Absol
00287 PCNYd Wish Absol
00458 PCNYc Spite Absol
00460 PCNYc Spite Absol
00202 PCNYd Spite Absol
00288 PCNYd Spite Absol
00291 PCNYd Spite Absol
00294 PCNYd Spite Absol
00295 PCNYd Spite Absol

Baby & Trade Pokémon (Summer 1) / July 31 to August 6, 2004
00294 PCNYd Azurill
00299 PCNYd Azurill
00300 PCNYd Azurill
00302 PCNYd Azurill
00307 PCNYd Azurill
00320 PCNYd Azurill (touched: Pokerus)
00321 PCNYd Azurill
00322 PCNYd Azurill
00397 PCNYd Azurill
00301 PCNYd Wynaut
00303 PCNYd Wynaut
00310 PCNYd Wynaut
00308 PCNYd Gorebyss
00309 PCNYd Gorebyss
00318 PCNYd Gorebyss
00393 PCNYd Gorebyss
00396 PCNYd Gorebyss (touched: Lv.23)
00319 PCNYd Huntail
00394 PCNYd Huntail
00395 PCNYd Huntail (touched: Lv.23)

Slither & Swim (Summer 2) / August 7 to 13, 2004
00010 PCNYd Kingdra
00019 PCNYd Kingdra (touched: Lv.36)
00030 PCNYd Kingdra
00063 PCNYd Kingdra
00069 PCNYd Kingdra
00072 PCNYd Kingdra
00181 PCNYd Kingdra
00189 PCNYd Kingdra
00191 PCNYd Kingdra
00196 PCNYd Kingdra
00009 PCNYd Milotic
00014 PCNYd Milotic
00015 PCNYd Milotic
00016 PCNYd Milotic
00017 PCNYd Milotic
00020 PCNYd Milotic (touched: Lv.36)
00022 PCNYd Milotic
00025 PCNYd Milotic
00026 PCNYd Milotic
00070 PCNYd Milotic
00073 PCNYd Milotic
00179 PCNYd Milotic
00197 PCNYd Milotic
00199 PCNYd Milotic
00011 PCNYd Zangoose
00021 PCNYd Zangoose
00028 PCNYd Zangoose (touched: Lv.50)
00031 PCNYd Zangoose
00054 PCNYd Zangoose
00055 PCNYd Zangoose
00057 PCNYd Zangoose
00060 PCNYd Zangoose
00061 PCNYd Zangoose
00062 PCNYd Zangoose
00187 PCNYd Zangoose
00188 PCNYd Zangoose
00007 PCNYd Seviper (touched: Lv.30)
00008 PCNYd Seviper
00012 PCNYd Seviper
00018 PCNYd Seviper (touched: Lv.50)
00024 PCNYd Seviper
00027 PCNYd Seviper
00029 PCNYd Seviper
00058 PCNYd Seviper
00071 PCNYd Seviper
00177 PCNYd Seviper
00180 PCNYd Seviper
00190 PCNYd Seviper
00193 PCNYd Seviper
00194 PCNYd Seviper
00195 PCNYd Seviper
00200 PCNYd Seviper

Trade & Nature Power (Summer 4) / August 21 to 27, 2004
00065 PCNYd Machamp
00101 PCNYd Machamp
00102 PCNYd Machamp
00114 PCNYd Machamp
00120 PCNYd Machamp
00126 PCNYd Machamp
00129 PCNYd Machamp
00133 PCNYd Machamp
00145 PCNYd Machamp
00156 PCNYd Machamp
00187 PCNYd Machamp
00191 PCNYd Machamp
00198 PCNYd Machamp
00208 PCNYd Machamp
00209 PCNYd Machamp
00211 PCNYd Machamp
00127 PCNYd Golem
00131 PCNYd Golem
00132 PCNYd Golem
00135 PCNYd Golem
00147 PCNYd Golem
00155 PCNYd Golem
00164 PCNYd Golem (touched: Lv.53)
00189 PCNYd Golem
00197 PCNYd Golem
00207 PCNYd Golem
00212 PCNYd Golem
00109 PCNYd Ludicolo
00115 PCNYd Ludicolo
00117 PCNYd Ludicolo
00121 PCNYd Ludicolo
00125 PCNYd Ludicolo
00130 PCNYd Ludicolo
00136 PCNYd Ludicolo
00137 PCNYd Ludicolo
00139 PCNYd Ludicolo (touched: Lv.26)
00146 PCNYd Ludicolo
00152 PCNYd Ludicolo
00154 PCNYd Ludicolo
00160 PCNYd Ludicolo
00161 PCNYd Ludicolo
00188 PCNYd Ludicolo
00199 PCNYd Ludicolo
00203 PCNYd Ludicolo
00204 PCNYd Ludicolo
00206 PCNYd Ludicolo
00210 PCNYd Ludicolo
00066 PCNYd Shiftry
00100 PCNYd Shiftry
00111 PCNYd Shiftry
00112 PCNYd Shiftry
00118 PCNYd Shiftry
00119 PCNYd Shiftry
00123 PCNYd Shiftry
00124 PCNYd Shiftry
00128 PCNYd Shiftry
00134 PCNYd Shiftry (touched: Lv.50)
00148 PCNYd Shiftry
00153 PCNYd Shiftry
00162 PCNYd Shiftry
00163 PCNYd Shiftry
00190 PCNYd Shiftry
00200 PCNYd Shiftry
00201 PCNYd Shiftry
00205 PCNYd Shiftry

G. DanTrain Collection

Curation Note: Well, here it is. The mother of all PCNY collections. The supreme stash. The Holy Grail. Hmm. Okay. Let’s not start handing out knighthoods just yet. We’ll reserve that lofty epithet for a future collection that magically fills in the gaps in our PC New York knowledge. (One can dream!) Even so, it’s hard to overstate how momentous was the late 2017 sudden surfacing of DanTrain’s collection on Reddit. Call his ginormous collection a product of extraordinary foresight or outright infatuation, either way, it catalysed the wave of research on which our current knowledge of all things PCNY is founded. (In the words of another PCNY regular, DanTrain really loved the special Pokémon!)

Some stats. The DanTrain Collection comprises some ~200 documented Pokémon, spread fairly evenly across all known distributions. Four dragons are enigmatic entirely, undisputably authentic but not fitting in anywhere. Supremely interesting in this regard is how DanTrain directly traded PCNY staffer Aurora for a good portion of his ghosts and all of his PCNYb dragons all the way back in 2003/04.2 A whopping 25% of Dan’s PCNY (47, to be exact) are Wishies – and that’s just the ones we know about.3 The collection as a whole continues to be privately held, mostly by DanTrain himself, but in a unique twist, it’s possible to purchase your very own piece of history straight from the man himself – for the right price.

Evolution Stone Promotion / August 30 to September 4, 2003
00045 PCNYc Pikachu (Lax) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00052 PCNYc Pikachu (Calm) (touched: Raichu)
00064 PCNYc Pikachu (Timid) [→ u/Agent20003 u/RevzZ3]
00216 PCNYc Pikachu (Naive) (Gen 6) [→ u/RevzZ3]
00218 PCNYc Pikachu (Bold)
00238 PCNYc Pikachu (Bashful)
00274 PCNYc Pikachu (Docile)
00297 PCNYc Pikachu (Timid) (touched: Pokérus) [→ u/Agent20003 u/hhpop]
00652 PCNYc Pikachu (Gentle)
01068 PCNYc Pikachu (Modest) [→ u/tacocat777]
00018 PCNYb Staryu (Hardy)
00216 PCNYb Staryu (Lonely) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00024 PCNYc Staryu (Rash) [→
u/Agent20003 u/ICanSnake]4
00025 PCNYc Staryu (Quirky)
00224 PCNYc Staryu (Hardy)
00323 PCNYc Staryu (Naive) [→ u/tacocat777]
00003 PCNYb Gloom (Bashful)
00004 PCNYb Gloom (Bold)
00217 PCNYb Gloom (Bold) [sic]
00009 PCNYb Gloom (Naughty) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00063 PCNYc Gloom (Modest) [→
u/Agent20003 u/ICanSnake]5
00053 PCNYc Gloom (Calm)
00062 PCNYc Gloom (Calm)
00128 PCNYc Gloom (Modest) [→ u/tacocat777]
00138 PCNYc Gloom (Modest) (Gen 6) [→ u/ChrisDoukas]
00123 PCNYc Gloom (Impish)
00217 PCNYc Gloom (Bashful) [sic]
00225 PCNYc Gloom (Impish)
00276 PCNYc Gloom (Timid)
00310 PCNYc Gloom (Calm)

Dragon Week (Variant BC) / September 29 to October 3, 2003 (???)
00001 PCNYb Kingdra (Timid) [Seadra lv.32, Leer w/Dragon Scale] (Gen 6) [→ u/valere1213]
00036 PCNYb Flygon (Adamant) [Screech] [→ u/Agent20003 u/Ordo_Skirata_2]6
00048 PCNYb Salamence (Impish) [Scary Face] [→ u/Agent20003 u/Ordo_Skirata_2]7
00052 PCNYb Altaria (Naive) [Refresh] [→ u/Agent20003 u/Ordo_Skirata_2]8

Dragon Week / September 29 to October 3, 2003
00002 PCNYc Seadra (Calm) [→ u/Agent20003]
00011 PCNYc Seadra (Relaxed)
00013 PCNYc Seadra (Calm)
00021 PCNYc Seadra (Docile)
00110 PCNYc Kingdra (Modest) (touched: OG Seadra)
00115 PCNYc Seadra (Relaxed)
00210 PCNYc Seadra (?)
00791 PCNYc Seadra (Modest)
00091 PCNYd Seadra (Docile)
00012 PCNYc Flygon (Quirky)
00022 PCNYc Flygon (Jolly) [→ u/Agent20003]
00144 PCNYc Flygon (Bashful)
00149 PCNYc Flygon (Mild)
00211 PCNYd Flygon (Adamant)
00368 PCNYd Flygon (Hasty)
00024 PCNYc Altaria (Relaxed)
00141 PCNYc Altaria (Calm)
00142 PCNYc Altaria (Calm)
00148 PCNYc Altaria (Modest) [→ u/Agent20003]
00089 PCNYd Altaria (Calm)
00094 PCNYd Altaria (Calm)
00366 PCNYd Altaria (Gentle)
00369 PCNYd Altaria (Jolly) (touched: EXP Gain)
00004 PCNYc Salamence (Adamant)
00023 PCNYc Salamence (Sassy)
00025 PCNYc Salamence (Lonely) (Gen 6) [→ u/hgperez678]
00026 PCNYc Salamence (Modest)
00108 PCNYc Salamence (Adamant)
00114 PCNYc Salamence (Brave)
00116 PCNYc Salamence (Jolly) [→ u/Agent20003]
00798 PCNYc Salamence (Adamant) (touched: EXP Gain)

Ghost Week / October 18 to 24, 2003
01114 PCNYb Shedinja (Gentle) [→ u/ICanSnake]9
01118 PCNYb Shedinja (Jolly) [u/Robotic_Chimera]
00080 PCNYc Shedinja (Modest) [→ u/Agent20003 u/ELVergueta69]
00089 PCNYc Shedinja (Relaxed)
00092 PCNYc Shedinja (Lax)
00096 PCNYc Shedinja (Timid)
00745 PCNYc Shedinja (Naughty) (touched: Pokerus) (Gen 6) [→ u/ChrisDoukas]
00267 PCNYb Cacturne (Lax) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00268 PCNYb Cacturne (Bashful)
00913 PCNYb Cacturne (Adamant) (touched: Pokerus) (Gen 6) [→ u/ChrisDoukas]
01115 PCNYb Cacturne (Brave)
00081 PCNYc Cacturne (Careful)
00090 PCNYc Cacturne (Docile)
00091 PCNYc Cacturne (Jolly) [→ u/Agent20003]
00462 PCNYc Cacturne (Lax) [→ u/ICanSnake]
00269 PCNYb Shuppet (Lax) [→ u/1FanForAll]
01035 PCNYb Shuppet (Bold) [→ u/Agent20003]
01037 PCNYb Shuppet (Modest) (Gen 6) [→ u/ChrisDoukas]
01039 PCNYb Shuppet (Mild)
01148 PCNYb Shuppet (Calm)
00266 PCNYb Duskull (Hardy)
01116 PCNYb Duskull (Bold) [→ u/Agent20003 u/ELVergueta69]
01034 PCNYb Duskull (Quirky)
00079 PCNYc Duskull (Jolly)
00093 PCNYc Duskull (Quirky)

Monster Mosh / October 25 to 31, 2003
00105 PCNYb Exploud lv50 (Calm) [→ u/Agent20003 u/ELVergueta69]
00108 PCNYc Exploud lv50 (Lonely)
00115 PCNYc Exploud lv100 (Bashful) [→ u/Agent20003]
00116 PCNYc Exploud lv100 (Quiet)
00398 PCNYc Exploud lv100 (Quirky)
00095 PCNYc Aggron (Brave) [→ u/Agent20003]
00096 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Rash)
00101 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Brave)
00118 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Quiet)
00521 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Impish)
00734 PCNYc Aggron lv50 (Adamant)
00095 PCNYc Aggron (Rash) [→ u/Agent20003]
00098 PCNYc Aggron lv100 (Quirky)
00237 PCNYc Aggron lv100 (Serious)
00087 PCNYc Wailord (Gentle) [→ u/Agent20003]
00104 PCNYc Wailord lv50 (Gentle)
00107 PCNYc Wailord lv50 (Modest)
00236 PCNYc Wailord lv50 (Serious)
00397 PCNYc Wailord lv50 (Hardy)
00109 PCNYb Crawdaunt lv50 (Bold)
00238 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv50 (Calm)
00107 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv50 (Brave)
00112 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv50 (Brave) [→ u/Agent20003]
00106 PCNYb Crawdaunt lv100 (Docile)
00085 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv100 (Sassy)
00114 PCNYc Crawdaunt lv100 (Naughty) [→ u/Agent20003]

Spring Fling / April 19 to 25, 2004
00006 PCNYd Salamence (Jolly)
00010 PCNYd Salamence (Hardy)
00102 PCNYd Salamence (Hardy)
00111 PCNYd Salamence (Adamant) [→ u/Agent20003]
00135 PCNYc Gardevoir (Mild) [→ u/Agent20003 u/ELVergueta69]
00136 PCNYc Gardevoir (Brave)
00029 PCNYd Gardevoir (Sassy)
00039 PCNYd Tropius (Hasty) (Gen 6)

Sheep & Wolf / May 15 to 22, 2004
00065 PCNYc Mareep (Relaxed) [→ u/Agent20003 u/Re_the_Prefix]
00007 PCNYd Mareep (Modest) (touched: lv22) (Gen 6) [→ u/ChrisDoukas]

Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire Promotion / July 10-11, 2004
00041 PCNYc Seviper (Gentle) (Gen 6)
00043 PCNYc Absol (Serious)
00026 PCNYd Wish Absol (Jolly)
00030 PCNYd Spite Absol (Hardy)

Baby & Trade Pokémon (Summer 1) / July 31 to August 6, 2004
00012 PCNYd Gorebyss (Naive) [→ u/Agent20003 u/ELVergueta69]
00014 PCNYd Wynaut (Relaxed) (Gen 6) [→ u/ChrisDoukas]

Slither & Swim (Summer 2) / August 7 to 13, 2004
00434 PCNYd Kingdra (Timid) [→ u/Agent20003]
00438 PCNYd Milotic (Brave) [→ u/Agent20003]
00449 PCNYd Zangoose (Hasty) [→ u/Agent20003]

Ancients & Aliens (Summer 3) / August 14 to 20, 2004
00073 PCNYd Cradily (Lonely) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00177 PCNYd Armaldo (Hardy) [→ u/Axew2230]
00285 PCNYd Armaldo (Bashful) [→ u/1FanForAll]

Trade & Nature Power (Summer 4) / August 21 to 27, 2004
00277 PCNYd Machamp (Hardy) [→ u/Agent20003]
00278 PCNYd Golem (Hardy) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00031 PCNYd Ludicolo (Hardy) [→ u/1FanForAll]
00030 PCNYd Shiftry (Lax) [→ u/ICanSnake]

Wish Eggs [FRLG] / December 16, 2004 to January 2, 2005
11692 OT/DAN Chansey (Bold / Natural Cure) [→ u/valere1213]
29183 OT/MARY Chansey (Bold / Natural Cure) [→ u/tacocat777]
29183 OT/MARY Chansey (Bold / Natural Cure) [→ u/Agent20003 u/Porta_14]
29183 OT/MARY Chansey (Mild) [→ u/Tai_Lop3z → u/shinybidoof11]
29183 OT/MARY Chansey (Impish / Natural Cure) (touched: Seismic Toss) (Gen 6) [→ u/RevzZ3]
29183 OT/MARY Chansey (Naughty / Serene Grace)
45574 OT/DAN Chansey (Hasty)
29183 OT/MARY Kangaskhan (Jolly) [→ u/Agent20003]
29183 OT/MARY Kangaskhan (Docile)
29183 OT/MARY Kangaskhan (Docile)
29183 OT/MARY Kangaskhan (Lax)
29183 OT/MARY Kangaskhan (Bold)
45574 OT/DAN Kangaskhan (Hardy)
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Timid) [→ u/Agent20003]
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Lonely)
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Quiet)
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Gentle)
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Hasty)
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Impish)
29183 OT/MARY Exeggcute (Jolly)
45574 OT/DAN Exeggcute (Hardy)
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Careful) [→ u/Agent20003]
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Lonely)
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Impish)
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Rash)
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Timid)
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Calm)
29183 OT/MARY Lickitung (Careful)
45574 OT/DAN Lickitung (Modest)
45574 OT/DAN Farfetch’d (Brave) [→ u/Agent20003]
29183 OT/MARY Farfetch’d (Hasty)
29183 OT/MARY Farfetch’d (Hasty)
29183 OT/MARY Farfetch’d (Impish)
29183 OT/MARY Farfetch’d (Quirky)
29183 OT/MARY Farfetch’d (Sassy)
29183 OT/MARY Farfetch’d (Docile)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Bold) [→ u/Agent20003]
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Careful)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Brave)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Sassy)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Hasty)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Gentle)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Hardy)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Lonely)
29183 OT/MARY Drowzee (Sassy)
45574 OT/DAN Drowzee (Calm)
45574 OT/DAN Drowzee (Adamant)

H. Unidentified Collectors

Unknown Collector Monster Pair
Monster Mosh / October 25 to 31, 2003
00588 PCNYc Wailord** Lv100 [RoC]
00598 PCNYc Exploud** Lv100 [RoC]

Unknown Collector Spring Trio
Spring Fling / April 19 to 25, 2004
00016 PCNYd Tropius**10 [Ahiru]
00017 PCNYd Gardevoir**11 [Ahiru]
00018 PCNYd Salamence**12 [RoC]

Unknown Collector Box Set
Pokémon Box Ruby & Sapphire Promotion / July 10-16, 2004
00655 PCNYc Flygon [missing, presumed lost]
00656 PCNYc Flygon** [RoC]
00657 PCNYc Seviper** [RoC]
00658 PCNYc Seviper** [RoC]
00463 PCNYd Flygon** [RoC]
00464 PCNYd Wish Absol** [RoC]
00467 PCNYd Spite Absol** [RoC]

Unknown Collector Summer Set
Slither & Swim (Summer 2) / August 7 to 13, 2004
00164 PCNYd Seviper [missing, presumed lost]
00165 PCNYd Zangoose**13 [Project Pokémon]
00172 PCNYd Zangoose14
00180 PCNYd Kingdra [missing, presumed lost]15
00200 PCNYd Seviper**16 [RoC]
00207 PCNYd Milotic**17 [RoC]

Unknown Collector Summer Set #2
Slither & Swim (Summer 2) / August 7 to 13, 2004
00670 PCNYd Zangoose** [RoC]
00673 PCNYd Seviper** [Project Pokémon]
00674 PCNYd Kingdra**18 [Ahiru]
00676 PCNYd Milotic**19 [RoC]

Unknown Donator Secure Wish Eggs
Wish Eggs [FRLG] / December 16, 2004 to January 2, 2005
06676 OT/RED Chansey (Sassy)
06676 OT/RED Exeggcute (Naive)
06676 OT/RED Farfetch’d (Docile)
06676 OT/RED Kangaskhan (Brave)
06676 OT/RED Lickitung (Serious)
06676 OT/RED Drowzee (Mild)

Unknown Collector(s) Singles
Dragon Week / September 29 to October 3, 2003
00025 PCNYc Salamence** (Rash) [RoC]

Monster Mosh / October 25 to 31, 2003
00377 PCNYb Wailord** Lv100 [RoC]

Trade & Nature Power (Summer 4) / August 21 to 27, 2004
00251 PCNYd Machamp** [Pokecheck]

Wish Eggs [FRLG] / December 16, 2004 to January 2, 2005
07588 OT/HIME Chansey (Rash)
03450 OT/KAOS Exeggcute (Careful)
43189 OT/Brooke Lickitung (Hardy)
16728 OT/IKKI Drowzee (Relaxed)
41052 OT/STAR Drowzee (Relaxed)

ReignOfComputer “Collection Through the Ages”:
Project Pokémon Event Gallery:

Acknowledgements: A special shout-out to ICanSnake, whose investigative aptitude and skilful legwork have been absolutely indispensable in the tracing and mapping of these collections, and to Sabresite, in many ways the alpha and omega of PCNY research and preservation. A thank you to Agent20003 for providing select ownership details and corrections.

  1.  Note: As of January 2020, dozens of replicas created by Hard4Games are public. Per March 2020, an expanded selection of replicas is available on Digiex here.
  2.  The primary clue that such a trade occurred is a little known fragment of Pokémon data called “OT gender”. When redeeming a PCNY Pokémon from a GCEA station, the gender of the “obtaining Trainer” was stored in the Pokémon data. DanTrain’s Ruby and Sapphire carts both had male player characters. Yet, nine ghosts and four PCNYb dragons found on Dan’s games have a female OT gender, implying a trade. These particular ghosts and PCNYb dragons sequence tidily with several dozen of its kind housed on PCNY staffer Aurora’s professional copy of Pokémon Ruby. Aurora’s work copy of Ruby indeed had a female avatar (IGN “Aurora”). Add the fact that certain of Dan’s ordinary Pokémon were discovered on Aurora’s save, and we know that Dan’s trade had to have been with the Center staffer. The Pokémon in question are: PCNYb 1034 Duskull, PCNYb 1035 Shuppet, PCNYb 1037 Shuppet, PCNYb 1039 Shuppet, PCNYb 1113 Duskull, PCNYb 1114 Shedinja, PCNYb 1115 Cacturne, PCNYb 1116 Duskull, PCNYb 1118 Shedinja; and PCNYb 1 Seadra, PCNYb 36 Flygon, PCNYb 48 Salamence, PCNYb 52 Altaria. See here for sequence data.
  3. DanTrain is thought to have many more unhatched Wish Eggs.
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